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Jun 5


Android fans: “Android is open and that’s great! Look at all the awesome keyboards I can install!”


May 15

Nexus S + Android 4.0.4

I’ve been using ICS on my Nexus S off and on for a few weeks, and while I said I would write about it, it’s really not worth it. The performance is terrible compared to the Galaxy Nexus. This is unsurprising: the hardware is ancient, comparatively. I really can’t give ICS a fair shake on this dumb phone.

I will say that a there are definitely some niceties thrown in there, and the OS is a bit more unified. Chrome is nice, but not a huge step up from Browser. Again, could be more of a hardware limitation than software.

Will I ever get an up-to-date Android phone and give ICS a fair shake? I sure as fuck hope not.

May 2

Anonymous said: Curious: is your overall sentiment on the platforms still the same? 6 months ago I was ready to ditch Android at first opportunity (late this year). I'm surprised that my opinion is shifting a bit. I've slowly tweaked lots of things and realize I'm using a fair bit of Android-specific stuff. When I use my iPod touch running the latest iOS, it feels old, or at least not custom like how I like. I hope iPhone 5 is just awesome and makes the choice a no-brainer. To choose today would be tough.

Yes, still the same. Especially after getting ICS on my Nexus S last night and playing with it for an hour or so. The performance is terrible — not unlike, say, an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5. I get where you’re coming from, but I have zero interest in fiddling and tweaking something until it works almost how I want it to. For me, iOS is 90 percent there right out of the box. The other ten percent is stuff I can live without or am confident Apple will address in the future. And this is just comparing the core OSes. If you factor in things like hardware quality and ecosystem, the iPhone remains leaps and bounds in front of Android for me.



Apr 22

Anonymous said: I take that as a don't do it? I didn't think it was a ad idea just because I own an iPod touch and an iPad as well.

Look, my feelings on android are pretty well known. I’m not going to tell you one way or another. If you want to give android a shot, go for it. But I wouldn’t do it with some dumb Samsung phone with touch wiz. If anything, get a galaxy nexus.

Seriously though, even though the 3G is old as shit, I bet your GF would prefer you take some cooking classes so you can make her a nice dinner occasionally. I mean, she’s putting up with your gadget fetish. It’s the least we all could do.

Anonymous said: I have a 4s 32gb, I have a guy that wants to trade me a galaxy s || skyrocket and an iPhone 4. I was going to give the 4 to my girlfriend since she has a 3G and I have an iPod touch 4th gen as well and an iPad 2. What should I do?

Tell your girlfriend you love her, take her out for a nice night, and stop worrying about the gadgets in your life. There will always be better tech, no matter what you choose or who you ask. But your special lady is infinitely more important than dualcore snapdragons or galaxy dinguses. So take her out for a nice night, or a weekend getaway. Also, call your mom.

Mar 18
Remember when I updated this blog?
Here’s a thing that just happened.

Remember when I updated this blog?

Here’s a thing that just happened.

Feb 3

Verizon: closing a door that Google propped open with a sponge


Verizon Galaxy Nexus booted from Google’s developer support pages, Google Wallet support likely to blame

Google has seemingly eliminated the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus from the company’s internally-supported “Nexus” program — a series of devices designed to showcase new versions of stock Android and give developers access to pure, stable, unmodified platforms. 

So the flagship Android phone that Google controls is no longer the flagship Android phone that Google controls? How does Google even let this happen?

If I bought one of these, I’d be raising hell to Verizon right about now. 


Jan 26

"On par", but with a huge handicap

Analyst Ed Zabitsky sees AAPL shares falling to $270:

The reason for his bearish view of the company is that Zabitsky believes the competing Android mobile operating system from Google “will change the playing field entirely” with its latest 4.0 update, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. He says the experience on the updated platform is on par with Apple’s iOS.

Uh, okay?

You know what else is changing the playing field entirely, Ed? Google’s inability to upgrade the Nexus S to 4.0 after they “froze” the initial rollout. And carriers and OEMs stonewalling upgrades. And a comparatively god-awful ecosystem that’s just now getting a style guide to try to curb the horrendous applications flooding their market.

But somehow this experience is “on par” with iOS. And he’s an analyst, so we have every reason to believe what says.

Jan 14

Anonymous said: When you're using iOS, what do you miss from Android? Having just switched back to an iPhone I really miss background sync'ing. Having to open apps manually to make sure everything is up to date (podcasts, rss feeds, music on Spotify) is tedious to say the least. Oh and the share menu too.

I still miss the Share menu. I’ve said time and time again on this dumb blog that it is, hands down, the best thing about Android.

Fast access to radios is nice in spotty coverage areas. No matter what phone I’m carrying, often times my coverage will drop completely and I have to quickly jump into airplane mode and out again to get them back.

I don’t miss background processes. iOS backgrounding is more than sufficient for the things I need it for, mainly Instacast.

Other than those two things, (really only the Share menu) everything is better being back on iOS. Speed, user experience, app selection, the goddamned amazing camera … I could go on.

I find it difficult to buy into the any argument that Android is better than iOS. You can have a personal preference for whatever reason, but looking at it objectively, I think iOS wins every time.

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